Logs shows the errors in the import file.

How to view import & export logs in flexiPIM?

Step 1: Login with your credentials
Step 2: Hover over the sidebar on the left side to access the hamburger menu
Step 3: Click on 'Import & Export' to expand, and then click 'Logs'


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Step 4: On the 'Import/Export Logs' page, a list of all your imported sheets is available 
        in a tabular view. Below is a screenshot of the same.

Step 5: The number of successful and unsuccessful logs are displayed in the table.

Step 6: Click on the 'Eye' icon below the action header to view the faulty logs
        in your import file.


Step 7: The page below will be displayed. Hit 'Click here' to download the invalid list file.


Step 8: The downloaded invalid list will appear in below image


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