A Selection of products and information to export. A channel can be a website, print a catalog and a mobile application.

How to create a new Channel in flexiPIM?

Step 1: Login with your credentials
Step 2: Hover over the sidebar on the left side to access the hamburger menu
Step 3: Click on 'Associations' to expand, then click 'Channels'


Step 4: On top right corner of the table, click the 'Create' button


Step 5: The page of the 'Create Channels' is displayed
Step 6: Enter the required fields
Step 7: Click on the 'Save' button


Title Description
Code Used to create unique code for Channels
Name To create a name for channels
Languages To select channels language
Currency To select channels currency
Status It shows status of channels either Active or in-Active

How to Edit Channels in flexiPIM?

Step 1: You can edit the fields shown below except for 'Channel code',
        - Name
        - Languages 
        - Currency
        - Status

Step 2: Click on the 'Save' button


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